Yacht charter South of France

We are based near Cogolin in France and we also have a base in Saint Peter Port, Guernsey.

TJ Sailing offers a variety of sailing activities from our main base in the South of France, including bareboat yacht charter, skippered yacht charter, and individual berths on organised sailing trips. We can provide a professional skipper and mate.

We offer short, medium, or long-term trips to suit everyone’s plans.

Yacht Charter South of France

What is a bareboat charter?

A bareboat charter or demise charter is where you basically hire the yacht from us and that’s it. No crew or provisions come with it you will be responsible for all of that. You will have total freedom to skipper and crew the yacht as you please. To take advantage of a bareback charter you will have to have a valid licence or proof of sufficient sailing experience.

We have eight yachts available for hire all of which are always in tip top shape. Our maintenance standards mean that you can relax and enjoy your sailing confident in the knowledge that your yacht will never let you down.

All the bareback charter yachts we have sleep eleven in four luxury cabins.

Skippered and or full crew charters

Skippered charter means that unlike the bareboat option we will provide a professional skipper who will manoeuvre the yacht for you. This will allow you to totally relax and just enjoy the sail to and from your chosen destination.

We are happy to come up with a suitable itinerary if you’re not sure where you’d like to sail to and spend some time.

Having us help with skippering and crew is ideal if your trip is a pre-wedding party trip for stags or hens. A yacht charter brings together not just affordable accommodation with entertaining sailing activities for all your guests.

If your company would like to entertain clients, we can offer skipper, and a full crew including a chef. We can help with team building exercises and training days.

We can help your guests have a go at navigating, taking the helm and using the sails.

If you are on a budget, you can reduce costs considerably by chartering a yacht during the off season. All the yachts are fully heated, so you don’t have to worry on that score.

Our base in St Peter port

Get in touch if you’d like to charter a yacht from our base in St Peter Port, Guernsey. From the Guernsey base we concentrate on our corporate clients.

St Peter Port Yacht Charter

For companies large and small having a weekend away with key staff to team build and challenge their thinking whilst doing fun stuff in the fresh sea air. We will ensure that you and your staff are always totally safe while on the water.

Whilst out at sea they will get the chance to take part in crewing the boat if they want to. At all times the skipper will offer guidance and help during the trip.

We are able, in consultation with you, to come up with a made to measure day of activities for your delegates.

Our corporate yacht charter days are great value for money and includes the skipper, marina fees, all safety equipment such as lifejackets, waterproofs, food and drink provisions for the day.

Your yachts skipper will show you how to navigate using charts, almanacs, paper charts, electronic devices, and radar. Throughout the day your guests will be kept busy and entertained ensuring they have a fulfilling day.

South of France

Our main base in the south of France is where 90% of our business comes from. Who wouldn’t want to hire a yacht and sail around St Tropez living the millionaire lifestyle while on holiday in France?

Many people realise it’s so much more sensible to just hire a yacht when they need one rather than have the year-round expense of owning one.

There are so many sights to see that will entertain you on your trip. We know you’ll have a terrific day out if that’s what you opt for. Longer hires of up to two weeks are also possible but peak season you will need to book well in advance.

Frome Easter weekend right the way through till the end of September we literally get hundreds of holiday makers making enquiries.

We get tourists who fly down and obviously make reservations well in advance but you would be surprised just how many people, if the weather looks good, just want to get in their cars and drive down to the South of France from the UK.

Tips for driving in France

If you are going to drive down, please take a little time to plan your trip and take account of toll road charges etc.  See here for toll charges.

Also make sure you have the full driving in France Kit that you need to comply with the rules post Brexit. We would never suggest your drive to France without European Breakdown Cover from a reputable firm. It could cost you more than the car is worth to get it towed back to the UK from the south of France. A thousand miles on the back of a tow truck is very expensive!

Driving in France Travel Kit

Motorhome driving to South of France

We do have some great regular customers who visit us each year using their Motorhome to drive all the way from Scotland! It takes them awhile to get to us but they stop along the way and make an adventure out of the journey.

Water sports in St Tropez

We offer plenty of relaxed days on the water but if you are staying in the area for a week or so you may want to take on some more energetic sports activities such as wake boarding and water skiing. We would recommend adventure-sports.co.uk who will look after you.

Sailing with us

Virtually everyone loves the time they spend with us and being the skipper giving people a holiday to remember is just a dream job for me. I aim to makes things easy for you to enjoy your time on the water.

If you are planning to have your party such as a stag, hen, birthday, or anniversary party with us we can ensure you and all your guests will have a great time.

Our weekend trips are very affordable and a great way to socialise while doing a sporting activity.

Our party weekends include the cost of the skipper, so no experience of sailing is required. Throughout the weekend though your skipper will allow you to have a go at sailing the boat if you’d like to. We have female skippers available for hen weekends.

Ask us for full details of our yacht charter which includes all the info on the places we will visit and stop at for meals etc. We know you’ll have a fun weekend so don’t delay get in touch today to book your trip.

Some of our testimonials

What an amazing weekend, thank you so much, particularly Andy and Matt. (Sheila Davis, Chalk Kids Parenting Blog)

We were so sad on the way home because we just didn’t want it to end… sailing back from a wonderful time in St. Tropez. (Peter Thompson)

Thank you both very much for the best sailing weekend ever. Tony and I very much enjoyed it. Matt was so helpful we couldn’t have asked for a better skipper. (Paula McGuire)

Thanks guys our whole team at EE Hub had a great time we can’t wait to go again.

Guernsey to Honfleur France

Apart from using our main base in the south of France we can also get you to France from our base in Port St Peter.

We make regular trips for baguettes, fine wine and croissants by sailing across to Honfleur in France. This gorgeous beautiful seaside French town is an amazing place to dine out in. Drinking coffee overlooking the harbour and having the daytime to explore and shop before getting together for the most fabulous evening meal is a real treat. They serve seafood to die for.

Sailing to Honfluer France

Honfleur is a pretty harbour on the Seine and just oozes French charm. It isn’t like navigating your way across the Atlantic Ocean but sailing across to France from Guernsey is certainly a great achievement for a newbie sailor. With your skippers help though you’ll be in safe hands. You will rightly feel a sense of achievement having had the chance to test and develop your sailing skills.

See you soon

We hope you’ll come and join us soon for a sailing trip to remember.